Open positions

PhD Programs

Are you interested in a PhD project? Our lab is affiliated with the following schools:

TUM PhD Program Medical Life Science and Technology:
Graduate School in Systemic Neuroscience (GSN):
International Max Planck Research School:

For a Master's Thesis you may apply directly to neuro[at]

PhD position in microbiome-host interactions

Master Student Position

Postdoc Level

Please contact us directly: neuro[at]

Include a cover letter with a statement of interest, CV, and names of two referees. We are especially interested in people with a background in neurophysiology and/or quantitative behavioral analysis. Physicists and engineers with a keen interest in neurosciences are also encouraged to apply.

Do you have a background in maths, physics or computer science? This position might interested you

Internship or Student Assistant Position (Hiwi)

Please contact us directly (neuro[at] or apply to the AMGEN scholars program:

In addition, we offer research projects for bachelor and master students in the lab (minimum 6 weeks). Please email to neuro[at], if interested.